Certain U.S. universities, schools and colleges make unofficial rules through their cowardly, weak-willed, unassertive, ostensibly rule-abiding professors, not to provide any answer sheets or writing papers to students during the examinations. The students are told verbally only once at the start of the semester to bring their own writing paper for answering the questions during the examinations. There are no reminders given before the examinations. If students forget to bring their own writing paper for answering the questions of the examinations, the students have to approach the professors for writing paper to answer the questions of the examination. Depending on whether the professors like or dislike the students, the professors will either fumble around to take out some hidden sheets of paper handing them one by one to the students, as if handing precious costly gold or thousand dollar bills. However, if the professors dislike some students, they will make the students stand in front of the class, after the start of the examination, to announce shortage of papers, and then, maybe some merciful students will fumble in their bags to extract a few sheets of paper while the professors watch the fun in sadistic pleasure. Such is the financial state of the war-torn economy of the media-projected richest country of the world, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Also, any students who thus forget to bring their own sheets during the examination, are of course given just limited sheets by the merciful donators, and the student has to then endeavor to fit the answers of the examination questions within the mercifully donated writing sheets. That this affects the students frame of mind and performance during the examination in the process of endeavoring to fit the answers in the mercifully donated writing sheets is of no concern to the sadistic professors who are only being honest in following their bosses' policies to ensure strict financial control of stationary for the bankrupt universities of war-torn bankrupt economy of america, the center of the axis of evil of the world. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, professors are also told to scathe down the students grades in merciless murder of well deserved points of hard working, struggling, suffering, and often, poor students. These sadistic professors will do anything in their dictatorial powers to push down, crush, sink under, etc, students' grades to drastically limit or make near zero, any possibilities of students nearing any scholarship scores. Obviously, in a war-torn economy, the blue-eyed boys of the war hungry blood thirsty gangster-laden american government, are only being honest to obediently do their job. With these blood thirsty gangsters zealously spilling human blood worldwide on an unprecedented scale worse than even any of the biggest oil spill disasters ever, it should not surprise anyone, the sly inside tricks that have permeated the american academics and economics and other areas of american society in the twentyfirst century. And yet, the sly and deceptive american policy makers and marketeers beckon the world through dishonest publications and manipulated media about the much bloated illogical midas touch golden american dream. The policy makers want to ensure a steady stream of influx of people in to america. They lure students to bring their own or their parents hard earned money to study in the so-called bloated learning centers of america. These much bloated learning centers of america are nothing but the same old wine in new bottles. There is subtle and sly stench of racism exhuding from the professors in class, in treatment of non-white students, and in manipulation of grades, and in assigning two letter grade checking codes to students as per the whims and fancies of pre-historic boring mind games of the professors. Students' homes are bugged electronically on the sly. Students' phones and internet is bugged as well including from vicinity in neighborhood. Expectations are for the students to live as robots as per the neighbors and neighbors-cell-phoning-to-cops every now and then against foreign students, and the cops spreading psychic fear around through wailing sirens, and at appropriate times, warning foreign students without any proper justification, amounting to cheap, raw, barbarian and blatant racial profiling. Students grades are manipulated depending on illogical personal judgment of professors. Grade sheets are not upgraded on time, corrected home works are not handed back on time, students emails do not receive timely, helpful, or polite replies from professors, professors are not accessible to students easily during office hours. Students are expected to stand in long lines outside the professors offices to meet with professors. Professors mention verbally in class and also in syllabus, that visiting a professor outside class hours and during professors office hours will have a positive impact on students grades. The obvious implication seems to be to boost the professors' egos when they have students stand in long lines outside their office to visit them. The longer the line, the more important the professors feel in front of their other colleagues in their next door offices. Also, during a students visit, the professors get a first hand face to face view of students and then will base their judgments more on personal nonsense. Further, the white clan of professors have been illegally granted acces to more than just the current educational records of students. This is slyly done through illegal behind the scenes sly breach of confidentiality about students personal human life matters, through illegal hands on personal records of students - a heinous crime that the consulates of visa-granting countries are committing in connivance with locals in the students hometowns. Often, students are harassed through sly evil mind-games, in matters irrelevant to the students course or educational sphere, in a vicious circle, in an attempt to break the students' spirits. Students have to fight with professors for any well deserved points. It sounds strange but it is true that professors manipulate grades unfairly and then expect students to fight for points and come begging for it at their offices to boost their egos. Also, the professors take this students visit opportunity to do all they can to prove that the student is ignorant and wrong, and loudly reprimand and scold students; often the professors tell students that they should bring their knowledge with them. Strange as this might sound, if the students had knowledge in the first place, why would they go to the professors' dens to have their minds eaten alive? This hurling of insults from professors to students seems to boost the insecure egos of these professors, with other professors in their offices down the lane listening with glee, and waiting impatiently for their students to visit them to get their chance to reprimand them and boost their egos. The whole issue seems to reek of subtle and sly forms of torture and abuse to students at the mercy of sadistic inhumane professors. More often than not, students come out disgusted from visits to professors' offices. No new education is offered. Instead, the education load is increased; professors formulate their own individualistic notes and course packs in addition to prescribed texts for a course. Often, there is no proper relevance or connection between the two. The only purpose seems to be to further the individualistic ideas and egos of the professors. Students are supposed to handle the extra load, and professors take pride in being rude, harsh, and labelled almost as terrorists, in the sense that "no student can get any A's in this or that professors class"! These labels boost the professors fluttering egos and corrupt their already corrupted dictatorial powers. Although,the students may end up having to study more under pressure and compulsion, it doesn't necessarily make them better learned human individuals or better performers in the industry of their choice, for often there is no time to breathe and there is a burn-out of the student, a phenomena severely detrimental to overall success. On par, students in education systems in other parts of the world that have yet been uncorrupted by the westernized educational copy-cat policies, are better performers in the industry. Why then, do these americans lose jobs to international competitors? And when they cannot win against foreign competitors, the time-honored, age-old inherited american white blood indulges in other tactics, called tripping guerilla tactics, to trip and push down the foreign competitors, for the whites and developed world are well known to resort to evil illegal games and tricks, even to the point of "illegal hits" and "manipulations of policies", etc, in their favor, to ensure that, in spite of being unworthy, they, and not the foreigners, win. The rich economies of developed nations such as america have been made possible through their cut-throat inhuman merciless policies, to charge and extract big money from any foreigners for any foreign dealings, such as business, travel, education, etc. Even then, these foreign dealings are looked upon as intrusions by the locals, unaware that their economy is sustained by the hard-earned blood-money of the foreigners, who invest in the developed world, lured by its manipulated media and dishonest publications. To top the axis of this evil, developed countries such as america, are breaching and abusing the confidentiality of these foreigners, amidst blatant corruption and human rights violations of foreigners, through tailoring of laws in favor of the developed nations, to gain sly and illegal access to the personal data of foreigners and then using it for playing mind-shattering games against foreigners to break their spirit in a total condemned desecration of the teachings of all religions. It seems that the rulers of the developed world are force-fed to adopt the policies and teachings of the oppressors and tyrants of mankind down through the lanes of long periods of historical time line. And that is exactly what these ugly tyrants of the developed countries, such as america, are engaging themselves in, today. The recent tsunamis and the tons of water that catapulted through its effects were but a collection of the oceans of tears that must have rolled down the sad cheeks of the Lord of this world at the sad state of affairs of our world today. However, one doesn't expect the greedy material self-ass-saving tyrants to care two hoots about changing their evil ways. Hard as it might be, one needs to believe that such tyrants will be wiped out from the book of life when the time is ripe. These egotistic oppressing tyrants may be having their hay days today, but in due time, they shall pay for their oppressive deeds, herein or hereinafter, no two things about it. The most powerful rulers on earth and the most powerful nations and peoples on earth shall crumble and be leveled to the true levels of their deeds and inner qualities, after all accountability has been made, according to where they deserve to be in spiritual gravity, in front of the mightiest Lord of Creation. 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